The port of Orrskär offers with two berths perfect conditions for loading and unloading of sawn timber and creosote poles. More than 100 vessels with a length of up to 250m are calling at the port every year. Around 1 million cubic meters of sawn timber are stored and exported via Orrskär. Thus, the port is one of the largest sawn timber ports in Sweden.

The capacity of the port has been increased successively over recent years. The total storage capacity for sawn timber is about 90.000 cubic meters, including two warehouses with a capacity of 24.000 cubic meters. The Multi-Docker with a 25-meter range can handle up to 12,5 tons per lift.

Some further expansion of Orrskär Hamn is in progress already. Söderhamns Stuveri & Hamn AB intend to create a third berth with a length of 150 m to match the growth of the customers but also to be prepared for the future and their demands, not limited to a specific type of cargo. The new berth shall be equipped with minimum one mobile harbour crane to fulfil the demands of current and future orders. Furthermore 2 extra hectares of port area shall be generated and to be used as additional storage area. The permission to expand Orrskär Hamn is granted already.


Nautical Date / Equipment Port Orrskär
max. length of vessel 250 m
Water max. draft 10,9 m
Port area in total in m² 362.000
Storage area in m² 100.000
Warehouse capacity in m² 11.000
Railway connection available
Goods that are possible to handle at this port General caro / Bulk cargo
Equipment / Suprastructure: What cranes, wheelloaders and machines can be provided Multidocker / Essemko mobile crane / 5 - 16 ton forklift / 10-20 ton Wheelloaders