Tomi Gladh new managing director of Söderhamns Stuveri & Hamn AB


Board of Directors approves significant decisions for strategic realignment: Tomi Gladh appointed as new CEO. Decision for the planned port expansion reaffirmed. Own investments in superstructure approved.

On the 5th of September the board of Söderhamns Stuveri & Hamn AB (SSHAB) met for the first time after the summer break. This time many decisions were on the agenda tol determine the long-term course of the company.

The most significant board resolution was that Tomi Gladh was appointed unanimous and with immediate effect as new CEO of the company. Tomi Gladh has been with the company for around two years and has been managing the operations department as "Stuverichef". In his previous position, Tomi Gladh was able to convince in particular by optimizing operational processes as well as further improvements within the framework of quality management. In the past three months, Tomi Gladh has already led the company as interim managing director. Again, Tomi Gladh convinced, so that the board now appointed him permanently as managing director.

"We are pleased to appoint Tomi Gladh, as one of our own ranks, for the position of Managing Director. The Board of Directors is convinced that we made the best choice with him and we look forward to a long-term and good cooperation", explains Frank Schnabel as Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Another item on the agenda was again the planned port expansion in Orrskär, which is of the utmost importance for the long-term strategy of the ports at Söderhamn. The Board of Directors greatly welcomes the political decisions that were already madeby the municipal board (kommunstyrelsen) recently! The municipal board has approved a budget of 3 million Swedish kroner to carry out preliminary work and to finalize detailed planning for the port expansion at Orrskär. The expansion shall include an additional berth of 150m length and additional storage area. The municipal board also agreed to be willing to extend the port operating agreement between the municipality of Söderhamn and SSHAB until 2078 as part of the port expansion.

"We are very pleased that the municipal representatives stand behind the plans for the port expansion and that the willingness on both sides is clearly given to prolong the cooperation between the municipality and SSHAB in the long term. This shows confidence and expresses the excellent cooperation we already have ", commented Schnabel.

Consequential of the port expansion, SSHAB would also make extensive investments to provide the best possible services on the new pier. In particular, SSHAB would invest in the superstructure of the port. Amongst others, a mobile harbour crane, other handling equipment such as wheel loaders and forklifts and roofed storage facilities would be procured and financed by SSHAB. The necessary funds for these investments are already considered in the long-term investment planning of the company. Regardless of the port expansion, SSHAB will invest in the existing superstructure soon. The board decided that a new weather-protected storage facility for various goods is to be erected in the port of Orrskär. In addition, the purchase of a new harbour crane for the existing port will be considered.

According to Schnabel, the decisions made by the board of directors clearly show that their view is going long-term forward. Important decisions for the future were already made today. Thus, the philosophy, proclaimed in March 2017 when the German based SCHRAMM group purchased the majority share in SSHAB, has beenimplemented: "Our investment as SCHRAMM group in SSHAB aimed from the very beginning for long term business development for further generations. To realize this, visional decisions must be made. We are very pleased to have shareholders in Söderhamns kommun like Vallviks Bruk AB and AB PJ Haegerstrand, who share the same philosophy. Together we develop and implement the company's strategy."

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